AVAM Demands Swaraj in Upcoming Assembly Elections.

As we claim to be a party of SWARAJ, it was necessary to consult Punjab’s volunteers before declaring our two candidates in by election in the state.

Has AAP done a background check of these candidates before declaring them?
Because voices of dissents are emerging from Punjab against one of them.

Would this be the future of AAP to field its’ candidates without doing background check and prior approval from volunteers? If this is the future then pretty scary.

AVAM model of SWARAJ says that choose a candidate after building consensus and voting among local volunteers. Has AAP adopted this model in Punjab by-election?

We gave an honest political alternative to Delhi voters in December 2013. Our neighboring states like Haryana, Punjab & J&K too deserve the similar privilege in their assembly election in October 2014

Volunteers of Haryana, Maharashtra & J & K were enthusiastic about the upcoming assembly elections in their respective states. It’s painful to see their disappointments and need to take them on board before making such a sweeping decisions – AAP is not contesting Assembly elections


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  1. Arun Gudikandula August 1, 2014 at 1:26 pm #

    very good question and suggestion.Tum Jiyo Hazaro Saal,Saal ke ho Hazaar Din.

    AAP conveniently forgets concept of ‘SWARAJ’ when it comes to selecting candidates for elections.

    I noticed one more thing of late that many key positions in the party are being given to ‘Bania’ community and there seems to be a ‘Bania’ bias creeping into the party.

    For example Pankaj Gupta,Ashutosh etc.

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