Azwar Jahan

Name: Azwar Jahan
Qualification : 1st year

My Life was so simple. Accepting the way it has come. Carefree, roaming around, enjoyment with friends, no responsibilities, Nothing!! But Come a great change .

28,March, 2011 heard of Announcement of India Against Corruption (IAC). Anna Hazare was the main leader and he went on fast from 4th April 2011.

I was little bit excited, but still don’t care much I use to believe nothing and no one can change our country’s governance. Corruption, Crime, inflation…will go on and on.I don’t why but I also wanted to join the movement, but seeing the way government treating its people, I step back.Still 24*7,my mind is there only. I spare sometime and watch some news and search on net the news of IAC.

The struggle for to remove CORRUPTION from our country in the year 2011 and 2012 should be written in golden words in the books of history. It has made the YOUTH of our country realise its DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES towards the nation.That movement has developed the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of the people.

I remember the days, when some leaders turn their high inspiring struggle to low as they turn from JANLOKPAL BILL to LOKPAL only. That time I realise the same thing as I said early “nothing will change”.

I withdrew my interest due to studies and so the time pass on.

Then comes a turning point in my Life. In June 2013, I saw some people in Delhi metro, wearing Gandhi Topi with caption “Aam Aadmi Party”. That very day I started searching for AAP on internet, social networks, causes that led to the formation of AAP. I started taking interest in this political party by seeing the dedication and determination on the face of those volunteers, I started supporting Aam Aadmi party with full dedication.


I started convincing my relatives, parents, extended family members to Vote for Change,vote for AAP in Delhi elections. Due to less time and no voter I’d card i couldnt registered myself as volunteer. The results of Delhi elections were beyond expectations, outstanding performance. I felt really proud that I am supporting AAM AADMI PARTY which has won million s of heart in a year.
AAP made its government on 28′ December’ 2013.Everyday in AAP and Arvind kejriwal governance was exciting, I learntmany new things, I understood my responsibilities towards my nation, learning to raise voice when nothing workout.
But, then comes a day 14′ Feb’ 2014 when Arvind kejriwal resigned because other elected MLAs were not letting him to pass JANLOKPAL BILL. Arvind kejriwal made party for us, for our welfare, so that he can pass a bill JANLOKPAL BILL. That day I was as crying as hell, I was for someone whom I didn’t met ever.

But my mom said ” Arvind kejriwal will come again, don’t cry”.
In between IAC to the support of AAP, I turned from 16 to 18 years. In between this I understood my responsibilities, I understood that political parties works only for themselves and w3 have to change it now, I understood we Cant let thing flow on us, we have to raise our voice, we have to change our system.

Last, but far from least, AAP is the only ray of hope left for the betterment of our country, for betterment of our future generation, when we ourselves are feeling so burdened, think what our future generation would feel.This is the time to raise your voice against injustice. This is the time to vote for change, vote for ourselves, vote for future.


I support AVAM because it implements true spirit of SWARAJ. In a party like AAP, it is important to consult volunteers before declining candidates as volunteers are the BACKBONE of AAP.

AVAM is a way to wake all up better late than never. Bring Swaraj in AAP. Support AVAM


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