What is AAP Volunteers’ Action Manch (AVAM)


(हिंदी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें)

“AVAM” is an effort to bring together each and every volunteer who has actively and selflessly participated in this struggle for ‘the change of system’. It is intended to help establish a mechanism within “AAP” that takes forward this struggle in the right direction with renewed vigor. And, the volunteers, like you, form the core of that mechanism. In all parties other than AAP, volunteers work just like rain frogs. They come out – to make noises – just before the election season and vanish as soon as the elections are over. Yet a typical AAP volunteer – like you – is not content merely being an agent of the political change, they sure like to usher in a socio-cultural revolution too. You aspire for an India free from class, caste and communal prejudices.

An India with no innocents languishing in jails for not being able to furnish bail or not having the means to prove their innocence!

An India with no criminal or gangster in parliament or assemblies!

An India with no accident victim dying on road for lack for help!

An India with no gender based discriminations!

An India free from poverty and hunger!

This indeed is a noble cause worth striving for even at the cost of some of your personal goals. During elections, you remained committed to bring about the political change by galvanizing public opinion and votes for AAP candidates.

Towards this end you have dutifully followed all instructions given by the team managing elections in your area.

However, when an election ended, you found a void. A void where there is no clarity on what to do. A void that threatens to render you idle! A void against which you must fight to stay relevant and on track of your august goal of Swaraj!

AVAM is an effort to fill this void, to provide you with socially useful and sustainable plan of action. It is aimed at providing substance to your thoughts and efforts towards your high goals. It is and will always be truly interactive, participative and democratic in its functioning.

No important decision will be taken without members’ appropriate participation.

In fact, ‘AVAM’ will strive to materialize and implement the true spirit of Swaraj. Moreover, AVAM is also acutely needed as the moral-compass to the overall political direction the party might chart out in future.

It is going to be truly by the volunteers, to the volunteers and for the volunteers and society. By being so intensely connected to the society, it also aims to serve as the conscience-keeper of the party. It intends to draw its strength from the society and to bring about lasting social changes through untiring awareness campaigns etc.

  1. AVAM seeks to fully harness latest technology to connect with its members and through them with the society; to share ideas and action-plans across the length and breadth of the nation; to discuss and decide all major issues in an open and transparent manner.
  2. AVAM also seeks to register all its members as committed people willing to contribute their might to the cause of nation building, again with the help of technology.
  3. It plans to maintain detailed records of each of us in terms of their capabilities, areas of interest, time availability etc. Such a data bank can be put to best use in a wide range of scenarios e.g. from helping poor people getting their due rights to calamities like floods and quakes.
  4. In normal times, AVAM members would help people around them in a wide range of issues e.g. RTI, Voter ID, Ration card, bijli, paani, school admission, legal assistance, fight against corruption etc.
  5. Thus, AVAM members would become a channel to convey grass-root issues, opinions and grievances to the party think tank. AVAM also seeks to recognize, appreciate and honour the contribution of all of its members, again with the help of technology – by issuing them with ID cards & unique IDs. It is also desired that over a period, a mechanism is evolved so that full time members are provided with some sort of financial support to meet their livelihood expenses.

It is intended to keep track of ideas given, tasks performed, and changes effected by each member. Good deeds can be reported by the members themselves (along with some verifiable proofs) OR be recommended by some other members. In both the cases, it will remain open for other members to raise queries on it. After satisfying all such doubts, it will get added as an achievement in that member’s profile.

In order that AVAM can also serve as a nursery to give new ideas and leaders to the AAP, it is proposed that it runs a program that identifies and nurtures leadership qualities. So, depending on the number on members in a geographical region OR an activity group, direct voting will be conducted – from time to time – to elect leaders. Provided there are sufficient members, there would be elected thought and activity leaders from block to national level. Across this ladder, they can rise purely based on their performance.

The volunteers’ representatives, so elected, will have the responsibility to provide direction and leadership in their area or activity apart from representing volunteers’ views in the relevant party forums like PAC and candidate selection committees. They will be held accountable if results remain below members’ expectations. Simply put, ‘AVAM’ will embrace SWARAJ in the true sense of the term.

Karan Singh

Volunteer Coordinator


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