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On Tue, Jul 15, 2014 at 3:48 PM, Karan singh <karansinghaap@gmail.com> wrote:
Dear Mr Satyendar Jain
Member  disciplinary committee of AAP

I thank you for kindly serving me a show cause notice and hence giving me an opportunity to clearly convey the concept of AVAM.

AVAM is nothing but a process inspired by our leader Arvind Kejriwal’s thoughts about SWARAJ and AAP vision Document ‘Hamara Sapna – Rajnitik Kranti’. 

Your show cause notice has reminded me of Eklavya, who considered himself as a disciple or student of Draunacharya. Like Eklavya, I considered Arvind ji as my mentor in the service of the nation, a person who can usher in true participative democracy in this country and therefore I surrendered to him completely. I did my best right from my joining with him without any personal interest since there is nothing more dear to me than the establishment of democracy and upliftment of the poorest of the poor of this country. 

AVAM is a process aimed at determining AAP volunteers’ views on the way forward. There is absolutely no element of finality to it. Once, their views are obtained and compiled, the same will be put up for consideration by the PAC and/or NEC. It is specifically for this purpose that Arvind Ji hand-picked me and then secured volunteers stamp of approval at the constitution club meet on May 29, 2014.

Volunteer views are being sought, among other things, on the following:Should there be training to volunteers about good governance meaning ‘Vyavastha Parivartn’ a dream given by Arvind Ji only. Should there be a system to keep the volunteers active by taking up the issues of citizens related to governance, to make them aware of the several government schemes, under operation in the country so that they can convey the information to the large chunk of citizens who are unaware or unable to access the benefits of schemes though they may be qualified for the same.Thus idea of AVAM is to keep volunteers duly engaged during normal times ultimately always available during election times. 

In addition, it has the important solution for the selection of candidate. There will be a number of volunteers working in one constituency but a few of them may establish themselves as selfless leaders. People will easily identify with them and they will select him or her as AAP candidate in the selection. It is only then, we shall be able to say to people that it will be their victory or defeat. It will be then only that AAP will not need to raise election fund since people will take this responsibility on their own.

This is what I have learned from Arvind Ji only. It is truly a bottom up strategy as always advocated by Arvind Ji. AVAM is simply trying to give action to his wonderful philosophy under his own able leadership. 

Now, it is most painful for me when you say that I am doing anti party activity. On AVAM face book page and website, you will clearly find that AVAM is only to strengthen the party and not doing any damage to the party. While the notice neither mentions the complainant nor any details of what is held out as anti-party, my various mails on the matter remain unanswered even unacknowledged.   

Yes, if you believe that you were talking SWARAJ for country and not within the party, if you believe that concept of referendum and right to recall were just slogans for the country and you never wanted them to be implemented within party because you control the party and therefore your word will always be final, then, of course, your allegation might hold some water. In such a context, anything not well understood by the entrenched office-bearers is labelled as anti-party. No matter, how useful, timely and wise it might be. We, the carriers of HOPE, must always guard against such a narrow mindedness.

I am and will always remain grateful to Arvind Ji for teaching me through AAP vision document that states: ‘the structure/system has to be loyal and accountable to the public and not to leaders’ (page 6) the public should have authority to remove corrupt and ineffective leaders and officers(page 6) the helpless public keeps begging without success and so on. Since I have been working very closely with the party and especially my duty was to engage volunteers, naturally, I have received serious feed back from across the volunteers who have been found to be intelligent, hard working without any selfish motives, dedicated, committed and sincere. 

It would be most beneficial to party if you utilize this experience, dedication and commitment to address the grievances in the volunteers across the country. This can go a long way to strengthen the party.  Most volunteers including myself have joined you for democratic functioning whether it is within our country or within our party and if that does not suit you, then you may happily expel me from the party as Draunacharya did with Eklavya. Please note none of my mails since May, 12, 2014 have been replied with. In one such mail, I requested Arvind Ji to closely scrutinise my functioning and if he found anything amiss, then to kindly relieve me of my role. 

As for your claim that AAP made it clear that it had nothing to do with AVAM, I demand details as to when, how and by whom it was decided and done. Nothing to this effect has ever been communicated to me.Like Eklavya, I will always be grateful to Arvind Ji for making AVAM volunteers realize their potential to serve the country.

Last but not the least, I would love to come and present my side personally. It is only due to the limited time-window dictated in this notice that I was constrained to reply via email. The principle of natural justice and fairness demands that I be given a week’s time to present my side at the party head-office.

Thank you.

Gratefully yours,

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Karan Singh Reply to Show Cause

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