Kejriwal Effect

kejriwal effect

In a supportive decision by government, Cabinet defers decision on gas price hike by 3 months. AAP leader Arvind Kejriwalwrote a letter to PMO regarding the hike of gas price in India. The decision will give boost in AAP campaign as it was the major issue raised by AAP and will help the Aam Aadmi Party in coming election.
The Cabinet Committee for Economic Affairs on Wednesday decided to defer the gas price hike by 3 months, said Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan. The cabinet has decided that there is need for more consultation on gas price hike, said Pradhan.
Pradhan went on to say that the status quo on gas pricing will continue. “Rangarajan panel formula on gas pricing will be reviewed,” he said. Pradhan also clarfied that there is no plan to hike LPG, kerosene prices.
—As published in Newstag
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