List of National Council Members of AAP Revealed


Dear Founding member,

We have been agents of revolutionary change since 24 Nov, 2012 when we took our first steps towards forming Aam Aadmi Party(AAP). We had resolved to provide a very accountable system of political change to the people of India through Swaraj.

Swaraj was a very transparent, democratic and accountable system that was uniquely and proudly a solution from AAP.

But alas, since last year and a half the same Swaraj has been found not implemented within the party itself. How can we promise something to the people of India, that we ourselves have not been able to implement within us? How can we take the people of India for granted that they will accept a solution simply on the basis of our good intentions without showing that it is working within us?

You and many other founding members have raised such questions within the party for a very long time now. In fact, the last National Council meeting saw many members standing up and asking uncomfortable questions. Many founding members amongst you are on the verge of quitting the party or have decided to not remain active in face of a stubborn leadership.

It is for this reason that the party did not disclose the list of the founding members to the founding members themselves. Many of you have also been asking that a meeting of National Council should be called soon. But all of this has been falling on deaf ears so far.

We are immensely pleased and proud to share the list of our esteemed founding members which the party has been denying so far Many founding members had requested us to somehow give the real power of the party back to the National Council so that the National Council can make the leadership accountable and answerable.

We request you to kindly check your name in the list if you are a Founding member/National Council member or if you attended any of the National Council meetings.

We like you to contact us and contact other founding members in the list with an aim to gather sufficient founding members who would like to call a National Council meeting at the earliest.

A dedicated helpline number 9540773344 & Email Id has been provided especially for National Council/Founding members to co-ordinate this effort.

Looking forward to meeting you in person.



Ajay Veer Singh