Real Truth of Disciplinary Committee (असली सच्चाई, सुबूतों के साथ)

There is no such functional body like disciplinary committee, Ankit lal who is not related to disciplinary committee himself announced that the decision is taken by him and implemented by disciplinary committee without confirming anything. The proofs also show that ankit lal was doing sabotage to AVAM right from 1st July, whereas Head of Disciplinary Committee was in good touch with Karan Singh upto 19th July (handwritten proof attached)

Few people like Ankit lal do not want real Swaraj to prevail as it would be very uncomfortable for them to be counted as equal to other volunteers. Karan was on official duty and was getting overwhelming responses but few people made a malified team attack to sabotage his effort. Ankit lal also stated here in hindi that he was the one who made decisions for expulsion of Karan Singh and therefore “Disciplinary Committee is only a toy working on his actions.”

 AVAM की स्वराज मुहीम के खिलाफ साजिश का पर्दाफाश करने वाले सबूत, कुछ लोगों को अपनी बात सबसे ऊपर रखने की आदत हो गई थी और स्वराज स्थापित होने पर सबकी बात बराबर समझी जाती. पढ़े और जाने कि Disciplinary Committee को कैसे दिए जाते हैं पहले से ही लिए हुए फैसले. अंकित लाल जिसका disciplinary committee से कोई लेना देना नहीं है वो जश्न मानते हुए ये बता रहा है कि Disciplinary Committee उसके इशारे पर नाचती  है.  सबूत इस बात के भी साफ़ साफ़ लगाये गए हैं कि अंकित लाल 1 जुलाई से  ही AVAM और स्वराज को बर्बाद करने में लगा हुआ था जबकि diciplinary committee का हेड आशुतोष गुप्ता 19 जुलाई तक करन सिंह के वालंटियर के लिए करे हुए काम से खुश था. आखिर वालंटियर की बात सुने जाने से अंकित लाल क्यों नाराज़ था और क्यों वो स्वराज को अपनी ही पार्टी में लागू नहीं करने देना चाहता







In the below screenshot (taken on July 1) from Ankit lal’s wall says in a mocking way while mimicking BJP propaganda strategy that “Those who are defining Swaraj in a wrong way will not be sparred by public”  The negative responses he received following his post from other volunteers compelled him to remove this but until then the screenshot was already taken. 

स्वराज को बुरी तरह कुचलने और बेईज्ज़त करने की एक कोशिश का सबूत आप खुद ही देख लें (स्वराज के नाम पर भी मजाक)  



अपने ही घर में धमकियाँ देने वाला कौन है यह ?

This is how he used to threat own volunteers, how about 5 people name him and like the post? Is this a way to treat or to threat? threats

The base of expulsion of Karan was made some SMS which was sent by some unknown ID; MD-AAVAAM without even confirming the owner of that ID. Not only the Spelling of AVAM was incorrect but also, no one was ready to hear anything because they were playing the script already recorded by other people. Is this the party which we started with our blood and sweat? Is it how, few people infected the whole movement with their selfish deeds and now making conspiracy over their own dedicated Volunteers?

जिस SMS का जिक्र किया गया है, वो SMS किसी MD-AAVAAM नामक फर्जी ID से भेजा गया था, क्या कोई भी फर्जी ID से कुछ भी भेजकर किसी को भी निष्काषित करवा सकता है. AVAM को पूरा शक है कि ये काम AAP के ही  किसी अंदरूनी आदमी ने ही किया है जो पोजीशन लेकर बैठा है, और साजिश में शामिल है. बिना जांच करे आरोपी बनाकर फैसला सुना देना कहाँ का इन्साफ है. उदाहरण के तौर पर, कल को अगर MD-DILIP के नाम से कोई SMS भेज देगा तो क्या DILIP को बिना जांच के ही निकाल दिया जाएगा और यहाँ पर तो AAVAAM की स्पेल्लिंग भी दूसरी है, क्या यही स्वराज है? क्या यही इन्साफ है? क्या यहाँ भी कुर्सी का खेल चालू हो गया है?


आशुतोष ने चिरपरिचित तरीके से करन सिंह पर दूसरी पार्टियों के संपर्क में रहने का भी घिनौना इल्जाम लगाया है, और हर बार की तरह कोई सबूत नहीं दिया. एक कर्तव्यनिष्ठ कार्यकर्ता को गद्दार घोषित करने का भयंकर अपराध इन सभी साजिशकर्ताओं को विनाश के गर्त में लेकर जाएगा.

Without the tiniest of any proof Ashutosh alleged Karan Singh of being having in touch with other political parties. This is the most heinous of all allegations made to any dedicated party member in return of his long and selfless dedication. These type of sabotage strategies against a volunteer with crystal clear heart will take all of these conspirators in the pit of destruction.

4 Responses to Real Truth of Disciplinary Committee (असली सच्चाई, सुबूतों के साथ)

  1. Amit Singh July 20, 2014 at 6:42 pm #

    AVAM guys do not even know that Ankit Lal is not part of “Disciplinary Committee” he just head Social Media nothing else.

    • freedomfighter July 20, 2014 at 7:42 pm #

      the same thing is referred here. Ankit told disciplinary committee to expel Karan and the committee behaved like a toy and did whatever Ankit lala told.

  2. Chandan Kishore July 21, 2014 at 4:16 am #

    So now from a post people have started targetting suppoters and volunteers by saying they are fake.

    Some things for the so called AVAM Supporters:

    1) This post is made in the main group of AAP and as an admin this post was made,also the post was made after the Arvind sir has clarified that AVAM is anti-AAP.So the post itself clarifies the facts.

    2) Stop targetting supporters as fake profile, it is their right to use fake or original.If a person disagrees you that means that person is using fake profile.Grow up.

    3) Watch the hangout of AK sir,he himself said against AVAM first then Ashutosh said.That means AK is also wrong. 🙂

    4) Why AVAM Initiator Mr.Karan singh has not implemented AVAM idea in HARYANA first, Delhi is our territory?

  3. shadma July 21, 2014 at 4:19 am #

    this is really fishy, i wonder people who support AAP and AK are doing this just to prove one man wrong 🙁 –shadma

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