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Saman Quraishi, born and brought up in Old Delhi, did her bachelors in Psychology from DU and M. social work from TISS, Mumbai, she has worked with street children , taught in slums, worked at an observation home for children, wrote papers for the visually challenged students, conducted RTI awareness workshops and street plays with kids coming from impoverished backgrounds, made documentary films on child rights and the plight of the victims of Gujarat Riots of 2002.

Saman QuraishiAs a volunteer in AAP, she started with doing nukkad nataks all across Delhi around the theme of the various facets of exploitation of a common man, voter awareness and emergence of AAP as a nationwide movement against corruption. She also assisted in fund raising for the party, mobilizing the youth especially from across various universities in Delhi. She played the role of a Campaign Manager for Matia Mahal constituency . She held meetings with groups of women in different constituencies, participated in the local Manifesto making process, went door to door for campaigning, participated in Play for change musical walks to reach out to the masses, built the local constituency team. She also represented AAP in a few debates on television
Post Delhi election, She participated in a research project DEAL (Delhi Election Analysis and Learning) to document the feedback- experiences , inputs , suggestions of volunteers who had worked through Delhi Assembly elections to improve and work on AAPs organizational structure.
During LS elections , she went to Benaras and was responsible of building the organization from scratch and bringing all the social activists ,NGOs in support of AAP and as volunteers. She campaigned in Benaras for 2 months till the LS elections were over.
“I did not join this movement because of an individual or because I wanted to affiliate myself with a political party or to make a career in politics. I joined because I’m committed to the idea that AAP upholds- one of a corruption free India, a better India, And I feel each one of us can be a catalyst and facilitate this change.  My loyalty is not towards a party but the cause it stands for. AAP and Arvind Kejriwal have been successful in not only the awakening of the masses but also bringing together all the different people dedicated to this cause to one platform. AVAM, I feel is a process to hold on to the same people who are the backbone of this movement. Who joined AAP when the night was the darkest. AVAM aims to identify, acknowledge and organize the most valuable asset of AAP-its innumerable volunteers. This way we can better channelize their energy and use their capacities more effectively. It aims to thus strengthen the party from within. The road to swaraj and empowerment is long and not an easy one. What’s most important is that we don’t compromise on the ideals of honesty and integrity, that we never lose the courage to call a spade a spade. Every step we take must uphold these values as I strongly feel that the means will justify the end. With patience and persistence we will get there Inshallah.”
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