Still No Swaraj in AAP after 2 years.

Can Kejriwal fool Punjabis with Swaraj Propaganda? Why it is not implemented in Delhi in two years?

Even after two years, there appears to be no sign of Swaraj in AAP. The only thing which is noticable is that same SWARAJ Topis are now seen in Punjab and after Delhi, Punjabi voters are being promised by AAP. Not only this AAP promised complete ban on Liquor in Rajasthan if come to power but has no plans of banning liquor in Delhi where there is already a complete majority AAP govt.

Pity over Prashant and Yogender

When AVAM came into existance and that too on demand of volunteers, everyone saw it very fast that complete power of democracy can shut doors of several leaders including AK, YY and PB also. Noone supported AVAM and after elections both YY and PB were kicked out. The thing which AVAM saw first was not able to be seen by YY and others. We know about AK as we had all of the details.

Why were we so silent for 2 years?

Are you serious? The type of impact we AVAM as a team demonstrated without any resources is far greater than all lazy people sitting at their drawing rooms exhibitied. We acted, we acted again and now with fresh new exposes, you are going to see our impact again. Btw what you did in these two years? Ate full bowl rice and waited for AVAM to act? We always acted and we will continue to act as this nation is ours. If you feel this country is your motherland, you should start at your own or may also join us. There are no compromizes allowed in AVAM neither there is any scope of fakism like Dilip Pandey, Kumar Vishwas, Madan Lal and Oh! did I mentioned Ankit lal, who used to beat his wife or Somnath Bharti who attacked his wife with dogs and tried to kill her with help of dogs so that there could be no case. Excellent Law minster.

Yashwant L Choudhary

Dr. Yashwant is website administrator since conception of AVAM.

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